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We Buy Used Stairlifts

Our Bruno stair lifts and Brooks by Acorn stairlifts come in a variety of models to ensure that your comfort and budget needs are met. We provide new or refurbished indoor and outdoor chair lift and stair lift options, and also offer the rental of stairlifts and ramps.

we buy used stairlifts

We serve New Jersey residents with our elevators, providing repair and installation services for stair lifts in NJ. Make an appointment to try out our Bruno and Brooks by Acorn stairway lifts in our beautiful, new showroom. Located at 24 South Avenue in Fanwood, NJ 07023, our showroom is the perfect place to try different models of chair lifts and stairlifts so you can make an informed purchasing or rental decision.

For budget shoppers who are seeking the absolute lowest price on a stair lift, there's no better deal around than a used model. Every used stairlift we sell was previously owned by another user who no longer had need of the unit. Our technicians fully service each stair lift prior to resale to ensure that they are in good working condition and safe to use. Used stair lifts carry limited warranties and allow you to have the mobility aid you need most at the price you can afford - call our specialists today to order!

If you think the time has come to buy a used stairlift for yourself or a family member due to limited mobility, you may be looking for information about how to choose a reliable and high-quality second-hand model. Used stairlifts, after all, can offer the chance to make a great saving, but it is also important to know that you are purchasing from a reliable source.

On the other hand, it may be the case that, for whatever reason, you now no longer need the stairlift that is currently installed in your home. It could be that you are wondering whether it is possible to sell your mobility equipment and, if so, who buys second-hand stairlifts.

Are you looking for a used stair lift for sale? It may be reassuring to know that you do not need to go through a private seller in order to buy a used stairlift. It is common for established and reputable mobility aid manufacturers such as Handicare to provide the option of purchasing reconditioned stairlifts, often at significantly lower prices than their new counterparts.

Whilst owning any major household product first-hand is always the ideal scenario, many stairlift companies understand that not everyone is in the financial position to be able to afford this. It goes without saying that the retailer will need to ensure the reconditioned stairlifts they are selling will need to meet the same safety standards as their new models, whilst it is also in their interests to ensure that they are every bit as reliable. In addition, the experts at Handicare offer a Price Promise system, which means that they will match the price of any second-hand stair lift that a potential customer may have found available for less elsewhere.

Nevertheless, selling a used stairlift privately can be an option for those who are particularly keen to get back at least some of the money they previously spent. If you have a stair lift for sale and would like more information, see the following section.

It is also worth remembering that removing a stairlift is not something that can be done by an amateur with ease or without the risk of incurring some damage to your property. Therefore, you should take great care to ensure that, when arranging to sell a stairlift privately, whoever contacts you with an interest in buying it is at least proficient in the removal of fixtures and fittings, and preferably has a strong prior knowledge of how stairlifts are installed and operated.

Our refurbished stairlifts come with the added benefit of a 12-month warranty. That means that on the off-chance something goes wrong, we will be there to fix it for you. That includes a call-out service. For the first year you have your refurbished stairlift, we will be there at the push of a button to get you going again.

One of the biggest benefits of purchasing a used stairlift is the price. New stairlifts can cost anywhere between $3,400 to $5,500. When considering a pre-owned stairlift, you can expect to save $500 or more if you compare the same model to a new versus a used version. Depending on who you purchase your used lift from, used stairlifts can also still be under warranty, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

A privately-owned stairlift might not properly fit your stairs the way it should, which can cause safety concerns. At DME Elevators & Lifts, our team takes great care in finding the right pre-owned lift to fit your staircase for easy access and mobility. We will also consider what safety features best fit your needs. Will you need a retractable rail to ensure there is no tripping hazard present after the lift is installed? Would a curved or straight stair lift the best fit your staircase? Could a power swivel or power footrest make using the chair easier and safer? These are important factors to consider when buying a new or used stairlift.

A refurbished stairlift is a great way to save money while still getting the benefits and safety of a new stair lift. Just by looking at the lifts you typically cannot visually see a difference between a new or a pre-owned model. Also when shopping pre-owned inventory, you can often find stair lifts that have higher-end features and upgrades at the same cost as a new base model lift. There are many benefits to purchasing a used stairlift. One of the most important is that you get a warranty on your purchase. This means that if there are any problems with your used stairlift, you have someone to call when you need help and you can avoid costly repairs.

Take the worry out of mobility and regain your independence when you choose a used stairlift from DME Elevators & Lifts. Either you or your loved one may need to consider adding a stairlift to your home. It is a safe way to age in place, rather than take on the costly and overwhelming task of moving. Rest assured a used stairlift with an attached warranty is a budget-friendly option that can give you the same peace of mind as buying a new one. Read more about stairlift pricing or contact our team for additional information. We are

HomeLift offers a stairlift buy-back program, allowing our clients to sell back to us any unneeded stairlifts within one year of installation. If the stairlift is in good, working condition, and it passes an inspection from one of our HomeLift certified technicians, then we will buy the stairlift back from you for a percentage of the original price of the stairlift. This service is limited only to our Stannah and Bruno stairlifts, and we cannot buy back curved or customized units.

The amount of money you can get for selling back your stairlift buy-back depends on the original purchase price. If you decide, for whatever reason, to sell back your Stannah or Bruno stairlift within the first year of installation, we will buy it back for ten percent of the original total purchase price. After the first year, we cannot buy back a used stairlift.

We also offer used stair lifts. The stair lift is rebuilt using our factory checklist and tested on our stairs before it is shipped out. The lift will run like new on your stairway and is backed by an unbeatable warranty. Please call for our current used stair lift selection.

Reconditioned stair lifts are ones that someone has used previously but a professional repair team has fixed. With a reconditioned stairlift, you can bring the benefits of easy at-home travel to your property for a fraction of the cost, and Stairlift Medics is the best place to find them.

Rather than rolling the dice on a potentially problematic refurbished stair lift, you can call Stairlift Medics and receive the best used products in Annapolis, Pasadena, Silver Spring, Gaithersburg, MD, Fairfax, VA, Washington, DC, and nearby areas.

Our stairlift experts install used stairlifts from Bruno that you can count on to last for years. We also ensure that our stairlifts look like they just came out of the box, so the visual appeal is never an issue.

We do buy some second hand stairlifts but it depends on the make, model and age. If you contact us with these details, we will let you know if we might buy it from you and how much we would be prepared to pay.

If you have a redundant stairlift that you cannot re-home or sell then we can remove it to scrap. Unfortunately it is often difficult to re-home or sell stairlifts and many good working stairlifts end their life in this way.

If you have sold or purchased a straight stairlift privately and need it collecting and/or installing, or if you are moving house and need a stairlift relocating we can do it for you. Please note that we do not move curved stairlifts as these can be very difficult/costly to relocate. Please contact us for advice.

From the Norfolk Stairlift depot, in the centre of Norwich, Carelift Services LTD stock a large range of stairlifts that includes: straight stairlifts, curved stairlifts and reconditioned stairlifts. Carelift Services is the leading stairlift company in East Anglia, We also supply refurbished stairlifts, home lifts, access lifts, patient handling equipment and hoist solutions across Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire and other areas of the UK. Carelift Services Ltd Norwich, Norfolk, NR3 4EB, UK

However, we do have a well-developed scheme for customers like yourself, whose stairlift is no longer required. We aim to guide and assist you through the process of selling your used stairlift privately. We strongly advise this method, as selling a second hand stairlift directly back to any stairlift firm or mobility shop will not give you the best return for the lift.

Our Re-sale Pack explains how we can assist you in selling your used stairlift privately and relocating it to the buyer's property. We will survey the potential buyer's home to check suitability, replace the rail and re-modify the stairlift if necessary; in addition to removing and re-installing the stairlift. 041b061a72


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