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Where to Find Your Ejay Dance 5 Serial Number and How to Use It

The dance eJay series is easy to use and ideal for the person that wants to try their hand at Dance music without having to wait for a friend to come over and download their favourite tune. With a great price tag and lots of rave review from users i would definitely say this is a program that needs to be seen.

ejay dance 5 serial number

eJay Dance is a full dance music instrument package and is compatible with any number of CDJs, turntables, mixers and sequencers. It provides you with the latest best selling dance style sounds which are important in the production of dance tracks. Popular music themes that are available include trance, techno, house, dance, bigroom, progressive, pop, rock, new jack swing, R&B, Latin, edm and many more.

Once youve got your tracks sorted it is time to put them together into your track of choice. Theres no limit to how many tracks you can have so you can really create all your own unique productions to have fun with when you get bored of the basic styles you already know about.eJay Dance 3 gives you an unlimited amount of tracks and styles to save and share with others. Just what the dj looks for!

With limitless time for you to explore, youll experience a totally unique dance experience. You can save tracks you like, modify them and then play them back. You can also save it to your hard drive or your memory card. Theres also a special number for competitions where you can save scores of your creations.

eJay Dance 4 offers a complete package of features including unlimited beats, loops, pads, arpeggiators, effects, sequences and many more. Both number 5 and the previous version include unlimited CD burn capability. eJay Dance can even convert WAV files into MP3s for you portable music player.


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