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David Foster - Collection (13CD 2CDS) - 1988-2011, MP3, 320 Kb .rar

got a couple of covers here and a couple of really cool david foster originals that i hope you'll check out (they are all from his soaring album. (i know that he has released some and he has done some covers but he has not released these in a good long while. these are some of his best so far in my opinion. the ones that i have listed here are all very accessible and catchy - i'm sure that you will hear something that you like in them. i will also try to post any other covers that i find that he has done in the future to make up for my lack of posting some of the songs that i wanted to post. i thought that i posted some of these songs on one of the old postings that i did but i guess not. well, i will have to try to dig out those old posts and find them to repost here. lol)

David Foster - Collection (13CD 2CDS) - 1988-2011, MP3, 320 kb .rar


if you don't know who david foster is, i highly recommend that you look him up. he has been a part of the music industry for a long time and his songs are some of the best that i've ever heard. he has been nominated for album of the year numerous times and his contribution to the music industry is enormous. (i know that he has been nominated for song of the year as well but i can't recall which song he was nominated for.) in his biography that was in the "david foster" retrospective, he states that he had been asked to do the song to fill in for and replace bing crosby, but they passed on the chance of replacing him. he was disappointed in that he probably would have been a big success had he been allowed to do the song. (i never did figure out who they were going to replace bing with though. lol)


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